Frequently Asked Questions

What is was created to help you find the best online deals for your favorite products. Our focus is our Clicknsave Showcases™. Each showcase contains some of the best models and deals we've found for that particular product category. We're continuously adding new showcases so come back often to see what's new. Alternatively, you can join our mailing list and get fast notifications of new showcases and their latest deals.

Why don't the prices match?

We continuously query our partners and affiliates for the latest product information, pricing and availability. However, inventory and pricing are constantly changing. Discrepancies can happen from time to time. Feel free to report to us any ongoing issues.

How are the savings calculated?

We try to display the most represent relevant savings. To do so, we use a variety of algorithms. For example, a retailer may provide us with the sales information. Another example is that we might receive deals for a particular item from multiple retails and we price-compare the deals for you and calculate the savings. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How do I check my order?

We do not sell you anything directly as we are an information site. Therefore you must check your order status with the site from which you made your purchase. For example, if you clicked Buy on our site and were redirected to, then you need to check your order status at